November 2021

November is probably my favorite month of the year, unfortunately it always is one of the quickest months to pass by.  Thanksgiving break, Veterans Day, and deer season(at least for me) all contribute to the quickness of November.  With that said, we are still plenty busy at UHS.  Here is what went on at UHS this November:

-VB season wrapped up earlier this month. Thanks to all the coaches, players, and activity workers who made the inaugural Cougar season successful. 

-JHGBB has begun and is underway

-GBB has begun and will play their first game tonight @ Hazen

-The 1st grade and their senior buddies have had their Thanksgiving activity

-BB practice started yesterday

-Math Track meet was held on the 17th. Congratulations on both teams earning 2nd place and Jarrett Troyna placing 3rd individually in the Sr. High division

-The Jr. class hosted a "glowball" dance on the 20th which was well attended

-Thanksgiving break too place on the 25th and 26th

There is a lot to be thankful for here at UHS.  We have a great group of students moving through 7-12 grades this year.  Parents, you should be proud of your son/daughter and their behaviors this year.  We had a new substitute teacher the other day who was readily impressed by our students and the respect that they gave him.  We are also thankful here at UHS for the continued support from our students, staff, parents, and community!  I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving break and got to spend time with family and friends!

*Parent Corner

-I know I talked about cell phones earlier this year but I had a great conversation with a group of Jr.'s the other day about how much time they spend on their phones.  Most agreed that the time spent on their phone took away from studying and homework.  I am guessing all phones now track usage and how many hours are spent on it each day.  Parents, have your child(rn) show you how much time they spend on it each day.  I think you will be shocked.  Devoting time to school work instead of social media etc., will only aide in the growth of your child's education. In all honesty us adults could probably "disconnect" as well.