October 2021

October is officially in the books!  With this being a "spooky month" you will have to ask me sometime about the "haunted 3rd floor" which will be sure to make you think twice about being up there after dark!  Mrs. Driessen can vouch for me :)

What went on at UHS this month

-FB, JHFB, JHVB and Elem. GBB, and Cross Country all came to an end.  Thanks to all the coaches, staff, and workers who helped make those seasons successful. 

-Jr's took the PSAT test

-VB girls did a fantastic job raising over $2200 dollars during their cancer night! Thank you to all those who donated for that important cause.  

-Teachers convention was held on Oct. 21st and 22nd

-Parent teacher conferences were held on Oct. 25th.  Thank you to those who attended! (Parents you can always reach out to your child's teachers when needed)

-There have been multiple fundraisers the last few weeks.  Thank you to those who have supported our students and their associated groups.

-VB season is winding down.  Last home game in Underwood is Monday, please support the girls heading into tournament time.  

Once again I am sure I am missing something as each month has so much going on.  

Parent Corner

-With colder weather moving in, please make sure your child(rn) have appropriate outdoor clothing.  Hats, gloves, and I hate to say it........eventually snow boots and snow pants.

-Lastly, if you have paid attention to the news lately you may have seen or read a few articles about Instagram and it's so called effects on teenagers.  As a school, we do incorporate internet safety into our health curriculum but as parents you have a much greater influence on what social media your children use.  Don't be afraid to ask your son/daughter what social media sights they are on, and as always make sure to monitor their internet activity to keep them safe from all the online dangers.