Homecoming 2021

I am going to do my best to send out a newsletter each month this year hoping to highlight a few events from the month and also to give parents some insight on what we are seeing in the high school end of the building.  With that said, where has the month of September gone? September is our first full month of school and each year it seems to go by faster and faster.  So what went on at UHS this month:

  • Homecoming-Congratulations to this years homecoming court and to King Kale and Queen Madison.  I am also pleased to say our students did an excellent job participating and behaving during this crazy week of activities.  A big thanks to American Bank Center who fed the 7th-12th graders from 3 schools homecoming lunch (not an easy task).
  • Fall STAR testing- our fall testing window was open this month.  STAR testing is used to track and monitor student progress. It is important for students to try their best on these assessments so we may accurately see where our students are at.  
  • College/Career Fair- Our seniors took part in a college/career fair at Bismarck State College. Seniors had the opportunity to visit with different post secondary institutions and programs.
  • Chris in the Classroom-Chris Scheufele presented to to the students with a main message of being resilient.  https://chrisintheclassroom.co...
  • Football, Volleyball, Cross-Country, Girls Golf, Elem. BB are all up and running so students are very busy. 

Parent Corner

  • Parents be sure that you are staying updated on your childs(rn) grades by downloading the PowerSchool app.  Parents can check grades, set alerts, and be notified missing assignments and low grades. 
  • Accountability- Parents, one area we are focused on this year is accountability. If we want our students to grow and be a better student they need to be accountable.  Parents can help us with this by: making sure students are on time, checking their homework(powerschool), seeing their teachers for extra help/questions. 
  • Cell Phones-  Always a big issues to start the year.  If you need to contact your child(rn) please contact the school office. We have heard a few times from students that their parents are calling/texting during class time.  Students do have 30 min lunch where they are open to use their phones or their 4 minute passing time between classes.  
  • Dress Code- Parents, we ask that students are dressed appropriately for the school day.  If you have to ask yourself if it is appropriate or not it probably isn't. 

If you ever have any questions don't hesitate to call or email.  I am sure October will be another great month at UHS!