Underwood News

What's Good in Underwood: News from the School

The end of the school year is fast approaching. This past year was unique and sometimes long due to the challenges that came along with COVID-19, but the Underwood School made it through. Now, it seems we are somewhat back to normal. Elementary classes are going on fieldtrips, the sixth grade is working on a play, sports are continuing to have games, and the three seniors are getting ready for graduation. The last day of school is Thursday, May 20th with graduation on Sunday, May 23rd

Hopefully next year, school will return completely back to normal. But for now, students are looking forward to a warm, fun, and relaxing summer. The fourth-grade class is excited to play outside, go fishing, and to swim at the pool. The high school choir students are looking forward to having days off, relaxing, and going to the lake. Sydnie Diffely states that she is especially looking forward to going to the state fair since last year it was canceled.

The yearbook team hopes that everyone has a fantastic summer!