Underwood News

What's Good in Underwood: News from the School 

Prom 2021 was held at the Underwood High School on April 17th. Without a prom last year due to Covid-19, everybody was chomping at the bit to dress to the nines with their friends and dates. “It was good to be back,” says senior Kaleb Blotske. “I loved the theme of the Red Carpet. It was a great set up and made it a great night.” The after-prom party was held at the Putt District in Minot which was followed by a hypnotist. “The putt-putt golf was my favorite. We got to play a game against our friends,” said Jonathan Miller, a sophomore from Underwood High. The students were very happy about the turnout and the memories that will never be forgotten at prom 2021. 

The Central McLean Cougars softball team is off to an undefeated start at 7-0 this year. The program has had their hardships throughout the years, but there is a bright future ahead for the Lady Cougars. “It’s been very successful. One of our best seasons by far,” stated Turtle Lake sophomore Daisy Sparrow. “We’ve been playing well together and batting really well as a whole.” The Cougars go to play the Garrison Troopers on Tuesday, April 27, to see if they can keep the winning streak alive.