What's Good in Underwood: News from the School 

Written by Kaleb Blotske, Underwood Yearbook 

Spring sports are officially in full-swing with track, baseball, softball, and golf all starting last week. Central Mclean Cougar athletes seem to be extra excited to be back since the spring sport season was cancelled last year due to Covid-19. The baseball and softball teams both have above average numbers this year. With the warm weather as of late, the teams have been able to get out to the fields on the first day of practice. There have been years in the past where the fields were covered in snow until the end of April. Elementary boys basketball and girls volleyball also started last week. 

The junior and senior high Acalympics teams competed again in Linton. Senior high worked very hard in the tournament while the junior high team placed 2nd. Members of the senior high team were Gunner Jacobs, Mikayla Le Roy, Kale Utley, Jarrett Troyna, Cade Kjelstrup, and Laura Eichhorst. Members of the junior high team were Reagan Kjelstrup, Leah Jacobson, Andrew Eichhorst, Anna Skachenko, Charlotte Wilson, and Joseph Zimbelman.