What's Good in Underwood: News from the School 

By Gunner Jacobs, Underwood Yearbook

The Business Expo has been a big part of the Underwood Public School for years, but 2021 marked the last year of it being held at Underwood High. “It has been about 35+ years. I lost track” says Julie Driessen, business teacher in Underwood. “I will miss the excitement. The preparation is a lot of work, but a lot of fun.” The expo has been moved to Turtle Lake and will be under the wing of Whitney Jangula. “I really believe that Whitney will do a good job,” adds Driessen. The expo will be a big part of the community and will bring good lessons to the students. 

The Central McLean co-op has ended its first year of basketball together. The boys and girls teams both made it into regionals but didn’t make it past the first round. Gunner Jacobs and AJ Ketterling of the boys team both got selected to the All-Region team. Jacobs was also named Region 5 Senior Athlete of the Year. For the girls program, Taya Hornberger and Sophie Sparrow were selected to the All-Region team.

The Underwood Acalympics team is in its first year back since the Covid-19 pandemic. Led by seniors Mikayla LeRoy and Gunner Jacobs, the team is ready to go and compete at a high level. Their first competition is at Wing on Monday, March 15th; however, that is more of a practice round for the regional acalympics meet which will be held on March 25th at Linton.