2020-2021 Dance Update

As the dance season comes to a start this year, the squad is half the size as last year's team. The team currently has seven members. 

The team was affected by Covid-19 which caused most of the competitions to be canceled or limited attendance. As of right now, they are talking about doing the competitions where you sit in the room your team is dedicated to and then watch the other team dance from the room as you await your turn. Once you are done, you would head back to the room and wait for them to announce the winners. 

They still are determining if the state only wants Class A & B to dance, or if they are going through with all teams. There is still a lot left without answers. The team is playing it by ear with everything going on. 

On Tuesday, the team had its  first competition, although it had to be virtual. The team was recorded dancing their routine, and the coach sent in the video. They should have the results soon.