Starting on Monday 3-29-21 the school will be "recommending" masks instead of "requiring" them.  Under special circumstances students may still be asked to wear a mask. 

Underwood School district is utilizing the binaxNow testing. Underwood school can provide this test to students grade 7-12 to shorten the time  of quarantine from 10 to 7 days if students experience no symptoms.  Contact the school if you have questions.  

Below is the recommendation concerning travel from the CDC. 

CDC Travel Guidelines

Daily Checklist for Parents

Mask Guidelines for  Quarantine Exemption   

Parent Decision Tree (1-25-21) 

Face Mask Proper Use

Quarantine Changes (12-4-20)

Close Contact Fact Sheet(12-4-20)

School Exclusion Guidance (2-11-21)