The Underwood Way

Each week, starting with this week’s edition, search in the Central McLean newspaper for an “Underwood Way” logo.  Find the logo, cut it out, and attach it to the game board. 

Once you have ‘found the way’ eight times and completed the middle square, bring your completed game board to the school to claim your prize and be entered in a drawing for a yummy Grimsley’s special edition Underwood Way pizza!

The “Where's the Way?” game can be played all summer, and EVERYONE is welcome to play!  Grab a friend, a sibling, parent, or neighbor to play with or against. 

Don't have a game board?  No problem.  Download and print one here.  Each Underwood school family will receive a game board in their end of the year packets.  Or you can pick-up a game board when you go out to buy the paper.  Game boards are available at the school, the Underwood Clinic, Underwood Library, Rusted Rail, Grimsley’s, Sodas & Things, and the Post Office.  Feeling creative?  Make your own game board.  Playing is simple.  Collect 8 Underwood Way logos, then write about, draw or snap a picture showing, how you are Responsible, Respectful, and Ready!

Most importantly, have an awesome summer by being “The best U, you can be.”