Dear Underwood School Families,

On the eve of the ‘official’ start of Underwood School’s distance learning program, we first wish to assure every family that, as always, our students are our top priority.  The current uncertainty and challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic affect us all, children and adults. Our staff understands that each family’s situation is unique. We will work with you.  If your family needs anything, please reach out to us by phone during regular school hours, or via email at any time.

Our distance learning program will be new to students but the foundation, our core values, will remain unchanged.  The expectations held for everyone, students, staff, and community, are the precepts expressed in The Underwood Way, which is to be Responsible, Respectful, and Ready. 

Being RESPECTFUL means caring for the feelings and wellbeing of others.

Being RESPONSIBLE means doing the things you are expected to do.

Being READY means making sure your mind, body, and tools are ready.

By maintaining the ideals of The Underwood Way, the new, the unknown, and the uncomfortable will quickly become familiar. 

The most difficult part of the COVID-19 pandemic is perhaps the not knowing.  Not knowing how long it will last. Not knowing who is or may become infected.  Not knowing when we can return to school. Not knowing is difficult; we cannot control the unknowns. 

But there are some things we DO know and CAN control: We know we have inspiring students and families.  We know we have an incredibly talented and dedicated staff. We know we have the support of our exceptional, caring community.  We can control our choices and our resolve. If we focus on these, we will ensure that our students continue to grow and prosper while distance learning. 

Please take fifteen minutes to view this video.  Although it was created with parents in mind, the ideas presented coincide with Underwood School's vision for distance education.

Together, we will improvise, adapt, and overcome.  While we do not know what the future holds, we do know that together we will face it stronger and better.  We know this because we will face the challenges before us The Underwood Way!


Underwood School Administration:

Brand Dick – Superintendent

Kyle Hunt – Secondary Principal

Derrick Gross – Elementary Principal