Underwood Way Thankful BINGO is Here!

In October I wrote an article explaining the significance of the Underwood Way to our school and community, and last month I shared that our Math + Science Connect is geared to promote fun family involvement in our elementary school that supports learning in math and science.  In this article I want to share our most recent exercise to promote the Underwood Way, interact with our families, and encourage involvement with our communities: Allow me to introduce Underwood Way Thankful BINGO.

Thankful BINGO cards consist of twenty-five activities which are intended to be simple and fun,  promote family and community involvement, and promote the ideals of The Underwood Way. Participants of Thankful BINGO can earn prizes by doing things such as having a conversation, sending a selfie, attending a community event, and being responsible, respectful, and ready.  Underwood School students, staff, and community members are encouraged to play.  

As students complete each BINGO activity, they must have the square verified and signed by an adult. When a student’s card has a BINGO, it must be verified by a school staff member.  Students are also playing to achieve a complete black-out; that is, completing all twenty-five activities on the card. 


School staff, families and community members are encouraged to play Thankful BINGO, too. by completing a black-out.   

The cornerstone of any BINGO game is the prizes.  So, what are the prizes for taking part in Underwood Way Thankful BINGO?  First, the intangibles: Everyone that participates will have fun interacting with friends, family, and the community.  Taking part will motivate others to embrace the ideals of The Underwood Way, and will bring even more festivity and joy to your holiday season.  As if that’s not enough, there are some really great prizes too.

Student incentives, thanks to the generosity of several local businesses, are amazing!  Each confirmed BINGO provides a treat (Blow Pop, Tootsie Pop, or candy bar) and an entry into a prize drawing.  The prize box contains over fifty goodies ranging from pop-sockets, mugs, t-shirts, and hats, to Underwood Merchant Bucks and gift cards.  Students completing a full black-out earn an entry into a grand prize drawing for two grand prizes: $100 in merchant bucks and a 32” Smart TV.

From a school staff perspective nothing gets the day off to a better start than not having to think about what to wear, and there’s not much more comfy than a pair of jeans.  A staff Thankful BINGO black-out will allow the winner to choose a school-wide blue-jean day!    

Community and family black-outs earn an entry into a drawing that will provide the winner with two twenty-game passes to home sporting events.  These may be used this year, gifted to someone else, or rolled over to next year.  

Want to play?  BINGO cards can be picked-up at the school office, or downloaded off the school app.  Completed BINGO cards should be submitted to the school office on or before Wednesday, December 18th at noon.

Underwood Way Thankful BINGO is a great opportunity to get involved, spread some holiday cheer, and support not only the Underwood School, but our local businesses, and community as well.  We would love to have you play along!     

Get your BINGO card here!