Banned Books on a Shelf

It’s Banned Books Week in the library!

Banned Books Week is an annual event that celebrates reading and an individual’s right to choose what books to read. According to the American Library Association, Banned Book Week was established in the 1980’s to combat the challenging and banning of books. Today, books are still challenged or banned in schools and libraries across the country due to content that some people find objectionable. Many young adult books, such as the Hunger Games series and John Green’s books, are challenged and banned. Nonetheless, children’s books, such as the Harry Potter and Captain Underpants series, are also challenged or removed from library shelves. Parents and guardians have the right to monitor and choose what their children read. However, one parent does not have the right to choose what is appropriate for other children. 

In recognition of Banned Books Week, the library will showcase banned and challenged books. 

For more information, visit the American Library Association’s website at

Happy Reading! 

“We live together, love together, laugh together, and read together. No one should tell...any child that they can’t read the books they love.” ~Judy Schachner